The following services are part of the standard fixed price From $700 plus GST.
  • Preparing contract for sale and s32 statements for the vendor
  • a detailed written advice to you about the terms of the contract for sale and vendor statement;
  • if necessary, negotiations with the other party’s lawyers about the contract for sale;
  • preparing the transfer of land and arranging for you to sign it;
  • preparing any necessary State Revenue Office statutory declarations necessary to obtain a reduction in the stamp duty (if the purchase price is less than $550,000);
  • if necessary preparing nomination forms and associated statutory declarations;
  • preparing the adjustment of statutory outgoings such as council rates and water charges for settlement;
  • coordinating settlement with your bank and providing your bank with any documentation for settlement it might require including negotiating extensions if required of the subject to finance date;
  • protecting your position under the contract for sale if the vendor requires the deposit to be released before settlement
  • any other necessary work before your purchase is ready for settlement



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